Things to Know Before Getting Dental Fillings

Things to Know Before Getting Dental Fillings

If you have been recommended dental fillings by the dentist near you he or she may have identified a specific reason in your mouth that needs to be corrected. You may be concerned about why you need dental fillings but must understand it is one of the most common procedures in the field of dentistry.

If you have your teeth damaged by teeth grinding or because of an impact on the tooth the dental filling would have been recommended as a cosmetic procedure. Every year specialists in cosmetic dentistry complete thousands of such jobs doing them fast with precision. However, if your dentist has observed cavities in your mouth which is the most common reason why dental fillings are being used the matter would be entirely different. Dental fillings despite being common are generally used to fill cavities which form when you do not take proper care of your teeth. Your tooth would have been affected by bacteria from the plaque and tartar in your mouth which would be sole because of improper oral hygiene.

Why Do Cavities need to Be Filled?

Many mouths have cavities and dentists often attempt to ensure you never develop them in the first place. They would have provided you tips for proper oral hygiene and routine checkups twice a year which you probably avoided. The cavity in your tooth is evidence enough that it was a result of plaque and the subsequent decay that followed. The bacteria in the acids created by the plaque would have drilled your tooth to create a hole causing permanent damage that can only be rectified by cavity fillings.

If you have been recommended cavity fillings visiting your dentist for advice will be imperative especially if you have been avoiding dental visits for exams and checkups. Your regular scheduled appointments would have prevented the cavity from developing altogether preventing you from paying any attention to the small or large hole in your tooth. Now that you have it the best way to get rid of it is to visit your dentist for dental fillings.

What Can Be Expected from the Dentist during Dental Fillings?

You can expect a couple of steps to be involved when the dentist begins the filling procedure. Initially, the dentist will remove any decaying or dead material from the tooth which will be the enamel that cannot be saved. It is removed to make space for the filling material which needs to be inserted and secured. You can expect the dentist to administer local anesthesia to make sure you do not feel any part of the procedure.

You are unlikely to feel any pain when getting a filling but will certainly find the drilling strange. It is required to remove the decayed portions of the tooth. Following the drilling, the dentist will prepare the tooth for the filling by cleaning the cavity entirely. It is to ensure all bacteria and debris is removed from the tooth.

If your tooth has decayed extensively and the root is near the surface a dental linear may be inserted by the dentist. The linear is made from composite resin or glass ionomer and is designed to protect the nerve to ensure it doesn’t become exposed. The dentist will only insert the filling on top before cleaning and polishing the tooth all over again. If you have opted for tooth-colored fillings a special tool will be used to harden different layers of the filling.

Caring for Your Teeth Is Important If You Want to Avoid Dental Fillings

Your teeth wouldn’t require dental fillings if you had cared for them properly. Taking proper care of your teeth will require you to brush and floss every day, avoid sugary foods and beverages and also visit your dentist for exams and cleanings twice a year. As you would not have any mechanism to identify the development of cavities in your mouth and your dentist is the only individual who can do so it can be confirmed that you brought the cavities upon yourself and therefore need to care for them if you want to prevent further damages.

The cavities are unlikely to disappear by themselves unless they receive attention from a dentist from Sandy Springs, GA. You would also have received help to identify the cavities if you had visited the Boutique for cosmetic dentistry where the dental team would have identified the problem and recommended appropriate treatment against the same. Now that you have finally got the cavity fillings needed it is suggested that you pay proper attention to your oral hygiene and also visit your dentist at least twice a year for exams and cleanings to avoid such occurrences again.

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